Exploring the Three Levels of the Inner Healer in Psychedelic Therapy

Learn about the three levels of the inner healer in psychedelic therapy: the Body’s Wisdom, the Higher Self, and Guidance from Source, for profound healing and transformation.

Overview: Steve Elfrink, a psychedelic somatic interactional therapist and Webdelics subject matter expert, explores the three levels of the inner healer in psychedelic therapy: the Body’s Wisdom, the Higher Self, and Guidance from Source or God. This holistic model, likened to a pyramid, uses techniques like Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems to foster deep healing and personal transformation. The article emphasizes the critical roles of preparation and integration in maximizing the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic experiences.

Introduction to the Three Levels of the Inner Healer

Hello beautiful people! As a seasoned guide in the realm of psychedelic therapy, I’ve had the privilege of journeying alongside hundreds of courageous souls, each delving deep into the expansive realms of their own bodies and consciousness.

Through these experiences, I’ve witnessed the profound wisdom and innate healing that our bodies hold, the enlightening clarity of our Higher Selves, and the transcendent guidance that connects us to something far greater than ourselves.

In this piece, we’ll explore the three sacred levels of the inner healer: 

  • The Body’s Wisdom
  • The Higher Self
  • The Guidance from Source or God.

Reflective of a pyramid structure, these layers form a holistic model with the body as the solid foundation on Earth, the mind as the intermediary tier, and Source or God as the apex pointing towards the heavens. Each layer offers a unique yet interconnected pathway to navigate the healing potential of psychedelic therapy — a journey not just of healing, but of profound discovery.

Whether you’re a seasoned psychonaut or newly curious about the potentials of psychedelic therapy, there may be a few nuggets here in uncovering the transformative power that lies within these experiences.

The Body’s Wisdom Enhanced by Psychedelic Somatic Therapy

At the base of our healing pyramid lies the Body’s Wisdom, a foundation as crucial as the earth we stand upon.

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) delves deep into this connection between mind and body, using the amplified emotional and sensory awareness induced by psychedelics to explore and heal psychological trauma. This therapeutic model emphasizes the idea that trauma is not just a psychological phenomenon but also a physical experience stored within the body’s tissues.

PSIP can be effectively conducted using low-dose ketamine or cannabis, which serve as facilitators in this profound exploration.

Peter Levine, a pioneer in somatic experiencing — a therapeutic approach that focuses on the body’s natural ability to heal from traumatic experiences — highlights the significance of this approach:

“The body is the scorekeeper and the reservoir of trauma. Healing comes through engagement with what is held in the body.” 

Moreover, PSIP recognizes the body as a wise entity that communicates through sensations and symptoms. It teaches individuals to interpret these signals as meaningful messages rather than random occurrences.

By fostering a dialogue between the body and mind, PSIP helps individuals develop a more harmonious relationship with their inner selves. This alignment is essential for lasting healing, as it empowers individuals to take charge of their recovery and understand their body’s natural wisdom.

Drawing from my personal experiences in the healing journey, I have found that sessions focusing on the body’s innate healing, particularly through psycholytic doses (a form of psychotherapy that involves the use of low to moderate doses of psychedelics to enhance the therapeutic process) of ketamine and/or cannabis, have paved a profound path to the deep, core healing of past trauma.

This somatic approach directly addresses the underlying reactivity we all harbor from trauma — especially those wounds rooted in early childhood. By engaging directly with our physical sensations and emotions, this method cuts to the heart of our pain, offering a transformative opportunity for release and renewal.

An AI-generated image of a pyramid with vibrant psychedelic colors, symbolizing the three levels of the inner healer: the Body's Wisdom at the base, the Higher Self in the middle, and Guidance from Source or God at the apex.

The Higher Self and Internal Family Systems

Building upon the sturdy base of the body, we ascend to the mind, the next tier of our healing pyramid. Here, the focus shifts to the Higher Self, facilitated by Internal Family Systems (IFS).

This inward expedition uncovers the essence of being, a state of consciousness that transcends the ordinary and offers a panoramic view of one’s life. IFS posits that our psyche is made up of several parts, each with distinct roles, personalities, and emotions, aiming to protect and maintain our well-being.

Richard Schwartz, the creator of IFS, encapsulates the potentially transformative power of this approach:

 “IFS is more than just a therapy; it's a movement. We are freeing the self, which is a compassionate leader with the ability to heal each part of us.”

By leveraging IFS in psychedelic & psycholytic therapy, individuals are guided to navigate these internal dynamics gently and respectfully, honoring each part’s role while fostering an environment where the true Self — the leader within — can emerge. This approach can help to dissolve barriers, resolve inner conflicts, and restore balance, encouraging a sense of unity and peace within.

On a more personal note, the integration of PSIP with IFS has proven to be a powerful catalyst in my own journey towards deeper healing sessions and more grounded integration. IFS excels in bridging the gaps between fragmented parts of our psyche, parts that have often been split off as extreme coping mechanisms in response to trauma.

This method not only facilitates a profound connection to these disparate aspects of ourselves but also aids in reassembling the scattered pieces of our life stories into a cohesive whole.

Guidance from Source or God

At the apex of our healing pyramid, we reach the transcendent Guidance from Source or God, pointing us towards the heavens and the ineffable — that which cannot be explained or fully understood in words, transcending ordinary experience and comprehension.

In the profound depths of a psychedelic journey, many find themselves tapping into a sense of guidance that transcends the individual self, connecting them to a universal source of wisdom and connection.

Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist with extensive experience in the therapeutic uses of psychedelics, speaks to the spiritual experiences facilitated by these substances:

“Psychedelics, used responsibly and with proper caution, would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology and medicine or the telescope is for astronomy.” 

This connection also serves to remind us of our place within a larger whole, reinforcing the idea that every living being is interconnected through this divine source. Such revelations can dramatically shift one’s approach to life, enhancing one’s relationships with others, the environment, and oneself, fostering a lifestyle marked by greater empathy, mindfulness, and compassion.

Reaching the apex of the inner healer connects us to everything — absolutely everything. For me, experiencing these profound trans-egoic states has been incredibly life-changing, offering glimpses of myself as an integral part of the whole.

Such moments instill an infinite trust in this divine connection, a force that transcends the individual and unites us within the collective consciousness. This sense of unity continually realigns my moral compass and fuels my drive to serve others, reinforcing my commitment to be in service to the greater good of our collective humanity. 

The Critical Role of Preparation and Integration

Embarking on a journey with psychedelic therapy involves much more than the sessions themselves; it begins with thorough preparation and is completed through careful integration, which are crucial for accessing and benefiting from the Body’s Wisdom, the Higher Self, and Divine Guidance.


Proper preparation sets the stage for a successful psychedelic experience. It involves aligning one’s intentions, understanding the therapeutic process, and creating a safe physical and psychological environment.

This preparatory phase helps individuals create a clear purpose for their journey, whether it's to connect deeper with their body, reconcile internal conflicts, or seek spiritual enlightenment. Preparation also includes selecting the appropriate therapeutic modalities, such as PSIP or IFS, and deciding on the use of aids like low-dose ketamine or cannabis, tailored to enhance the specific facets of healing they are exploring.

A well-prepared individual approaches their psychedelic experience with an open mind and a ready heart, which significantly enhances their ability to engage deeply with the transformative potentials of the therapy.


Once the psychedelic session concludes, the integration process begins.

This phase is essential for making sense of the experiences encountered and applying the insights gained in everyday life. Integration involves reflecting on the journey, discussing it with a therapist or guide, and taking actionable steps to embody the lessons learned.

For those exploring their Body’s Wisdom, this might mean adopting new practices that honor the body’s signals. For engagements with the Higher Self and IFS, it could involve continuing self-dialogue or therapy sessions to nurture and solidify the internal harmony achieved. And for those who have touched the divine, finding ways to maintain that sense of connection and purpose in daily activities is key.

The integration phase ensures that the profound shifts in perspective and self-awareness are not lost but rather woven into the fabric of the individual’s life, promoting lasting change and growth.

Bringing it All Together

As we draw to an end on our exploration of the three levels of the inner healer within the context of psychedelic therapy, we reflect, and more importantly feel, the profound journeys into the Body’s Wisdom, the Higher Self, and the Divine Guidance from Source or God. Each level offers unique insights and therapeutic potentials that can lead to significant personal transformation and healing.

The wisdom of the body, enhanced through methods like Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy, teaches us to honor and listen to the physical manifestations of our emotions and traumas. It grounds us in the present and reconnects us to our innate healing capabilities.

The Higher Self, illuminated through frameworks like Internal Family Systems, provides a vantage point from which we can observe and integrate various aspects of our psyche, promoting inner harmony and peace.

Lastly, the guidance from a higher source brings us into contact with the universal truths and deep, spiritual connections that enrich our understanding of our place in the cosmos.

Embracing these dimensions can help to deepen the impact of psychedelic therapy and enhance our daily lives, influencing how we relate to ourselves and the world around us. As you venture into or continue your journey with psychedelics, may you find the courage to delve deep, the wisdom to understand, and the grace to transform.

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